Technical Writer

Currently seeking new contracts. My last contract wast at McKesson Corporation through Insight Global. That contracts was completed at the end of April 2016.

Since 2011 I have worked with Industrial Resources, Inc. writing training modules for Electric Utilities and District Energy Systems, particularly Steam and Chiller Plants. Clients include:

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica. Bogue Power Plant
  • University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Chiller Plants
  • City of Tallahassee, Tallahassee, Florida. The AB Hopkins and Purdom Combined Cycle Generating Stations
  • Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. Chiller Plant
  • University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. Central Heating and Cooling Plant
  • NRG, Jarreau, Louisiana. Big Cajun 1 Power Plant
  • El Paso Electric Company, El Paso, Texas. Rio Grande Power Plant

I have been a technical writer since 1980 in the Power Generation, Defense, Software, and Financial Industries.